Our Company not only delivers software solutions. We also design and manufacture hardware telephony products. We can design original hardware customised to particular needs. We also take pride in our competetive pricing model. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a hardware project to bring to the market.

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It's always good to plan ahead. We're happy to sit down with our customers and plan the long term strategy. It always pays back.

Please consider contacting us.

When you have to make an important decision about Telephony architecting - we're here to help and to point you int the right direction.

Please consider contacting us.

Is there place on the market for your idea ? We can help you answer this question and guide you into seizing those lucrative niches.

Consultants are turning you down because yours is not a standard problem ? Here at PhonicEQ, Inc. we want to take chalanges. Even if they're small. Creative thinking is what many customers are expecting from us and we can satisfy that need.
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