To create telephony hardware for use with today's cutting edge Open Source Telecom Systems at a decent affordable price. We want to offer all the products our competitors offer at lower prices. At the same time we want to preserve the value of our products offering one year limited warranty and technical support that is sometimes needed to jump start the installation..

In the nearest future we would like to introduce following hardware:

» PCI GSM gateway cards

» PCI Codec transcoding cards

» PCI Hardware Echo Canceller cards

» Low density analog cards

» High density analog cards

» PCI cards fot SONET/SDH high speed circuits

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We offer free basic customer support that comes with our cards. Simply send an email to our customer support and we will do our best to troubleshoot and solve your problem.

Precise and direct questions often show quickly the problem and our experience allows to solve it in the fastest time possible.

» Contact support here.

Our VARs enjoy industry based discounts and the high quality products their customers expect in today's fast paced market. Take your time to consider joining our resellers program and let us know.

» Contact us here.

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