29 December 2008
PhonicEQ Inc Announces the change in the prices of the offered T1/E1/BRI PCI cards. The company is now offering direct to customer sales and slashes the retail prices by up to 47%. » more
   01 November 2006
We just released our TE100P 1 port T1/E1/J1 ISDN PCI card. Check it out. » more
   03 April 2006
We just released our Quad(4) port BRI card active Basic Rate ISDN card. Check it out. » more
   01 January 2006
The new products are being offered: TE400P - quad T1/E1 card, T200P - dual T1 card and E200P - dual E1 card. » more
   10 July 2005
T400P quad T1 card for Asterisk PBX(TM) and E400P quad E1 card are available now. » more
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Open source PBX systems recently are getting better and better. Many businesses want to taste the recent VOIP hype and are considering those systems. They are affordable in comparison to the regular telephony vendors. Some would even say the conventional telephony equipment costs way too much. That's why we're here to drastically revolutionize the market for telephony applications by offering our extensive services and knowlege as well as our products that work with major open source switches or PBXes. Our company offers competetive pricing and functionality of the hardware.
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faceOpen source projects often require customisation. We have experience with creating custom patches for our client's needs. This includes creating the solution, testing it and installing it for the customer. We answer all the questions and are not afraid to pursue challanging tasks.

Simplicity is our motto. If you understand small parts of any problem you can understand the most complex problems there are.
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faceCompetetive pricing is what our competitors do not have. We try to quote the projects in a reasonable time. At the same time we take into account that not everyone has a colosal budget.

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